The 8th Pesäpallo World Cup 2015 in Luzern has come to an end. It’s been a flash! Thank you all very much for coming and sharing this unique moments. I’m personally really impressed by the gameplay that caught my eyes and proud to see Switzerland getting its first medal in Pesäpallo. So without further due, here is the ranking:

1. Place Men: Finland


2nd Place Men: Australia


3rd Place Men, Germany


4th Place Men: Switzerland

1st Place Mixed: Finland


2nd Place Mixed: Australia


3rd Place Mixed: Switzerland


4th Place Mixed: Germany


Best Player in Men’s Team
Finland: Jari Vatanen
Australia: Daniel Nyrhinen
Germany: Konstantin Oikonomides
Switzerland: Nathanael Greuter

Best Player in Mixed Team
Finland: Jaana Marjamäki
Australia: Blair Heiskanen
Germany: Antti Wolk
Switzerland: Xavier Langlois

Best Player of the Tournament is Luke Niemi (Australia).

We have had a few boys and girls that got injured this week. I’m sad to see you guys hurt and I wish you to get well soon.

One more special thanks to Henna and Antti who made it possible to have a world cup in Switzerland. Without you guys, international Pesäpallo would definitly not be the same!

As this world cup has just ended, the next one is just around the corner. I hope to see you all in Turku for the 9th Pesäpallo World Cup.