We are getting closer and closer to the event. We are looking forward to meet you all and have a few great play days. The current sign-ups are not as solid as we hoped they would be by now. So we extend the deadline for sign-ups until 30th of April and we will work with you to get your sign-ups confirmed.

Thus far, based on inqueries we had, we are looking at the following teams:
– Finnland
– Astralia
– India
– Individuals (France)
– Switzerland

In the following weeks, we will try to contact you again to get your sign-ups confirmed. Also, we’ll try to reach teams in germany and possibly sweden. It is imperative to us to complete sign-ups by end of April. Please, form your team and get it enlisted.

If you need an invitation letter for possible visa requests (e.g. India), we can send you one – but you have to let us know (Name, Forname, Nationality and year of birth) for all your travelors.