The club originated in the eastern part of switzerland in 1991. Winning the swiss finals once, and only once ever since – at least that is what «the more experienced players» say. Pesis Hirvet has always struggled to recruit new players onto their team and the situation has become even more difficult. According to the club’s president Tobias Wannemacher: «This may come as a complete shock!» he said. «We really had to do something drastic, something that really draws the attention towards our team. No one joins a team that ranks 2nd place at best. barely any spectators showed up to watch our games. they’ve just seen us loose over and over! We needed to reinvent ourselves.»

What was wrong with the old name?

«There are so many reasons and benefits but let me name you a couple. first and foremost every time one of us explained our sport and team name to someone else she or he would be confronted by the most intriguing questions and comments. you eventually end up explaining that «pesis» is not a spelling error and has definitely got nothing, not even remotely, to do with the male reproduction organ!» Tobias explained.

Why «Ninja»?

«Ninja is still a very trendy term. And if you’ve seen Joel on the field, in action you know it absolutely suits us. We didn’t exactly choose ninja to be honest.» and he adds «not even the team knew this was coming. That extra shock and breaking news moment is all part of the big bang strategy now.»

Are you a Ninja Hirvi?

The club is now actively recruiting new players. However they will be more selective of who gets to be a Ninja Hirvi. While someone may really be agile, fast, strong and very smart to play pesis that person still needs to bring «moose qualities» along and noone was able to explain what those are.

We will see whether this change is either a very dumb or very bolt move. One thing is for sure tho, that new logo beats the ones by their competition and we are all just about ready to start the new season and see how it turns out!